10 Trends That Will Shape Recruitment In 2021

Recruitment in 2021

2020 has proven to be a year to remember. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our personal and professional lives, leading to major changes in how we live and work. It’s vital to understand the key trends that will shape the hiring processes in 2021 and plan to adapt to these changes. Let’s see how innovation and social expertise will shape 2021 and beyond.

1. Natural Language Processing

Artificial intelligence will be widely used for the recruitment of employees and natural language processing will make a significant change in the process.

2. Predictive analytics

Many companies will make use of recommender systems and predictive analytics in their recruiting processes, relying on the parameters of education, previous experience etc.

3. Remote work

Flexible schedules and working from home opportunities is the new trend that governs job seeking. Companies must adapt in order to fulfil these requirements by employees.

4. Work culture

Remote work has made the work culture very challenging, so companies must try really hard to bring together their employees based on the company’s values, mission and vision.

5. Acqui-hires

Acqui-hire, which is basically the process of acquiring a company to primarily recruit its employees, is increasingly growing in the market due to the fact that employees constitute the substance of a company’s value.

6. Social media recruiting

As the use of social media has increased dramatically recruiters aim into attract candidates through platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. In 2021 recruitment marketing will be more and more developed.

7. Diversity

As nowadays it is evident that diverse teams have bigger accomplishments, more effort will be made by companies to attract diversity in their teams. Advertising in diverse community groups is a must.

8. Employer branding

Employers must focus in building employer branding so as to make their employees feel proud of their company which is crucial for the company’s mission and vision.

9. Soft skills

Assessments processes need to be updated in order for recruiters to be able to identify soft skills in candidates like creativity, team work, time management etc.

10. Hiring quality

As quality seems more hard to assess compared to cost and time consumption, the use of technology can actively assist to measure the recruiting team’s performance.