14 + 1 Warning Signs You Need a New Job


Should you be thinking about a career change? When should you move on? Being unhappy at work can have long lasting consequences for your health, your family and even your actual career. So how do you know when it’s time to quit your job?

Here are 15 Warning Signs that it’s time for a job change.

1. Have trouble waking up for work in the morning
2. Have stopped doing your job
3. Find you aren’t using your best skills – those things you do well and enjoy doing
4. See no future with your current company
5.Workplace is toxic
6. Are feeling the cost of the job in your health and well-being
7. Work feels meaningless
8.Your conversations with your family and friends become dominated by complaints and laments about your workday
9.Are overqualified and there’s little room for growth
10. Feel hopeless or stuck
11. Spend a lot of time venting about work
12. Find It harder to concentrate
13. Are not productive at work, lack interest, and are bored more often
14. Have trouble motivating yourself
15. Are constantly stressed