How to Ace in an Online Job Interview


As we are receiving many online job interview invitations from our collaborators we worked on the top easy, effective and efficient tips you can implement!

  • Confirm the scheduled time
  • Research the interviewer
  • Research the company before your Interview
  • Prepare a few questions of your own
  • Practice questions and answers
  • Dress as if the interview was face to face
  • Be online 15 minutes prior to your interview
  • Set up a Professional Background
  • Make sure your user name and profile picture reflect you in a professional way
  • Face the camera and not the screen
  • Have a copy of your resume, cover letter and job description in front of you
  • If using a laptop, make sure it is plugged in and is charging
  • Choose a location that’s distraction-free
  • Make sure you’re not interrupted
  • Switch off your mobile phone
  • Soft, natural lighting
  • Send a thank you email on your interviewer via email