Head of Customer Success in Paphos


As the Head of Customer Success, you’ll lead the team, manage customer relationships, and shape strategies aligned with company goals. Your role involves performance tracking, cross functional collaboration, and staying updated on industry trends.

Key requirements include:
Fintech leadership experience, product knowledge, strong communication skills, adaptability, and a relentless customer focus.

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Team Leadership:
• Guide, mentor, and lead the customer success team.
• Set performance goals and expectations for team members.
• Conduct regular one-on-one meetings to provide feedback and support professional growth.
• Oversee workload distribution and optimize resource allocation.
• Cultivate a positive and collaborative team culture.

Customer Relationship Management:
• Monitor customer accounts and resolve issues promptly.
• Collaborate with the team to develop and execute customer success strategies.
• Review customer satisfaction metrics and enhance the customer experience.
• Address escalated customer concerns and proactively strengthen relationships.
• Conduct regular customer meetings to align resources with their needs.
Strategy and Planning:
• Develop and refine customer success strategy aligned with company goals.
• Collaborate with other departments for cohesive customer success efforts.
• Identify process improvement opportunities and implement best practices.
• Analyze customer success metrics to enhance retention and growth.

Performance Tracking and Reporting:
• Establish KPIs and metrics to measure team success.
• Monitor team and individual performance against goals.
• Prepare reports on customer success activities, outcomes, and trends.
• Present performance updates and insights to senior management and stakeholders.

Customer Success Initiatives:
• Lead planning and execution of customer success initiatives, including onboarding programs and training sessions.
• Identify opportunities to improve processes and workflows.
• Collaborate with cross-functional teams for seamless customer experiences.
• Stay current with industry trends and best practices to drive innovation.

Stakeholder Management:
• Foster strong relationships with key stakeholders, including executive leadership, sales teams, and product teams.
• Ensure a smooth transition of new customers from sales to customer success.
• Act as a point of escalation for customer issues and coordinate prompt resolution.

Professional Development:
• Stay updated on industry trends, customer success methodologies, and relevant
• Attend conferences, workshops, and training sessions to enhance knowledge and skills.
• Support team members’ professional growth through training and skill-building

basic information:


  • Bachelor’s degree in business, finance, or a related field (MBA is a plus).
  • Proven experience in customer success leadership within the fintech industry (min 5 years)
  • Strong knowledge of fintech products and services.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Proficiency in using analytics for data-driven decision-making.
  • Demonstrated leadership and team-building skills.
  • Results-oriented with a focus on customer satisfaction and business objectives.
  • Strong problem-solving and conflict-resolution abilities.
  • Adaptability and the ability to excel in a fast-paced and evolving environment.

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