Sudden changes at work? Here is a guide how to cope with them.


One of the attributes all employees need to have is being able to adapt to change. Change is everywhere in our lives and change can be difficult to deal with. In business and in life, new situations can cause a lot of stress.

Change is inevitable and necessary these days in order for businesses and organisations to survive and thrive. Sometimes change can be imposed on us and with that may come changes to our immediate boss, team, work priorities and even changes to our role. So we must learn to overcome fear and embrace the changes ahead.

In order to better handle change in the workplace, here are four surviving tips for you:

Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity

Initially, spend your time by asking as many questions as possible and get people to teach you how to deal with your new circumstances. The better equipped you are, the easier your life will be. Family and friends can also provide important help to figure out how to deal with change. Talk to them, and listen while you digest new information. If you leave a conversation with questions try to resolve them. Ask, ask and ask.

Learn new skills 

Take some time to relax and think about what you’ve already accomplished and what your goals are, under the new change. Think and write down the new skills you need or you wish to acquire, who you need to meet and the actions you need to take in order to practise them. Second step is to speak with your manager so that they realize what you’re looking to get out of the role and set expectations for the deliverables you’re going to be working on. Also, have you ever thought that you might enhance your CV in a positive way by acquiring a new role?

If you don’t see yourself under a new role then welcome change as an opportunity. There is always a benefit and an opportunity. Start by keeping a record of your feelings towards the change for the first week. Every day, note 3 things, large or small, that you are grateful for. You will notice a more powerful attitude of anticipation growing.

Be assertive. Speak up. 

Whether you are facing difficulties on the day to day operation or troubling communicating with new colleagues or customers try to be assertive. Speak up and share your thoughts with your manager and describe the situation in a respectful way. By speaking up, you appear to be confident and in control of your emotions.

Turn the words “I can’t to I can”

Stop the fearful thoughts and replace them with something positive. By being pessimistic and maintaining a bad attitude towards the change your new manager or new co-workers might conclude that you have no control of your emotions. Also,  adopting a positive outlook can help your colleagues view change as a challenge, rather than an obstacle and have you as a great example to follow.

Finally, the most important tip is not to victimise yourself. There must be an important reason behind every change. Reduce the negativity, the anger and confusion you might feel and fuel yourself with strength, patience and a little bit of more smart “go with the flow” approach.