Top 10 skills for the successful 21st-century worker

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What skills will you need to succeed in the future? The world is constantly changing. We are living in a modern era of a fast-paced development.  Whether you’re a new graduate trying to figure out how to get a leg up in your career, or you’re a mid-career professional looking to secure your next promotion, you might be wondering what are the most important skills you need to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

1. Motivation
Waking up in the morning with a goal. Either a course, a test, a thesis, a project you need to complete. You need to be motivated in anything you do.

2. Collaboration
Choose courses that are collaborative and measure success by team results.

3. Adaptability
Take advantage of flexible course schedules and learning platforms in order to work, raise a family, volunteer and learn.

4. Global citizenship
Learn in a diverse classroom to gain opportunities to build cross-cultural understanding.

5. Digital literacy
This one goes without saying – forget about basic computer skills: the perfect job candidate of the future will have to be well-versed in a variety of technologies in order to be even considered for a position.

6. Communication
The development of electronic media has transformed the world into the proverbial “global village,” meaning we are now connected as never before. We can now easily connect and communicate with people all over the world, meaning that cross-cultural communication is becoming a necessity in the future workplace.

7. Empathy
New business models shift towards work in compact groups. Empathy is vital for creating strong interpersonal relationships, not just with colleagues, but with customers alike. While not everyone is both with this trait, with practice and patience you can learn to be a more empathetic person and therefore develop better relationships with your peers, superiors and anyone you interact with both in and outside of work.

8. Curiosity
One of the biggest downfalls of the workforce of the past and greatest advantage of the workforce of the future is curiosity. The world is changing and all of us have to adapt. The youth will decide our future and we have to prepare them for what’s coming.

9. Open to new Ideas
You must hold on to your ideas, but be open to anyone and anything new. In this way you become explorers of the world, something that will help you become more mature, well composed and sensible  in the society.

10. It’s not what you know…but who you know
Knowledge and communication skills are of crucial importance and  along with the combination of an extended network, they will help to boost confidence and to develop relations further. With this you can achieve future collaborations and accomplish your goals faster.